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3 step programme

Gain new skills, learn new practices and receive profound food wisdom inspired by the time-tested traditions of Ayurveda.

Colette will guide you through gentle cleansing processes and teach you powerful lifestyle routines to bring more vitality and balance to your life.

Step 1 - clean up your act

Wholefood-based detox

Your personalised health reboot starts with a 90 minute consultation with Colette (in person or online) to tailor the programme to you.

You will receive a 10-day meal plan of deliciously healthy recipes consisting of nutrient-dense wholefoods. Colette will also give you specially selected herbs, tailored to your unique constitution and needs, to support your digestion.

This 10-day plant-based detox supports your body's natural detoxification, balances your blood sugar levels, stabilises your energy and promotes healthy digestion. Even at this early stage in the programme, the health and lustre of your skin will start to improve noticeably.

Step 2 - reset your gut

Deeper Ayurvedic cleanse

After you have completed Step 1, you will have another consultation with Colette (90 minutes) to kick off Step 2 of your programme.

You will receive a customised 5-7 day meal plan of nourishing, light foods, personalised according to the needs of your unique body and constitution. Colette will also provide you with equipment and instructions for daily cleansing rituals, as well as further specially selected herbs.

Your step 2 meal plan and the supporting daily practises and herbs are formulated to simplify and reset your digestion, facilitating the natural deep cleansing and repair of your entire body, removing toxins and restoring your immune system.

Step 3 - adapt to nature

daily cycles and seasonal eating

After you have completed Step 2, you will have a further consultation with Colette (90 minutes) in order to tailor the final Step of your programme.

You will receive comprehensive guidance and a new way of thinking about the relation between you, your food and your world. Learn to adjust your diet to changes within and around you - the time of day, the temperature or season, your moods and the kind of activities you are doing.

Colette will again support you with personally tailored herbs, as well as introducing meditative practices to help you stay balanced in a changing world. You will also learn routines to promote restful sleep.

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Reboot Q & A

What do I receive at each step of the Reboot programme?

At each step of the Reboot programme you will receive the following (included in the cost):

  • 90 min Health Consultation with Colette (in person or online)
  • Food Plan with shopping list
  • Ayurvedic herbal remedies
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle products
  • Instructions for lifestyle practices
What if I’ve got a food sensitivity or intolerance?

That's totally fine. Once you’ve had your initial Ayurvedic consultation with Colette, she will adjust the food plan to your needs.

Is it suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes. This is a plant-based, meat-free, food programme.

Ayurveda loves using ghee (clarified butter) - and this ingredient is included in the standard version of the programme. However, Colette has also developed a vegan (dairy-free) version of the programme. Just let her know your requirements.

Can I have a gap between steps?

Yes, the Reboot is designed so that you can complete the programme at your own pace. Each step builds on the previous step and you will therefore get the most benefit out of the programme if you complete all the steps. If you have completed Step 1 and life gets busy and you therefore only have the time to devote to Step 2 a few months later, it is completely fine. Colette may advise you to repeat a few days of the previous step after assessing you during the consultation.

What herbs will I receive during the Reboot?

Each step of the Reboot includes a 90min Ayurvedic consultation with Colette (either in person or online). Colette will then provide you with Ayurvedic herbs tailored to support your digestion, aid detoxification and to help balance your unique body type. All herbs are included in the price of each Reboot Step.

What lifestyle products will I receive during the Reboot?

During the different phases of the Reboot programme, you will learn ancient lifestyle techniques to help cleanse the body and nourish your sense organs. This includes Ayurvedic body oils and equipment that Colette will provide you with at each Step of the programme. Your Ayurvedic lifestyle products are included in the price of each Reboot Step.


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