"The Gift" podcast

with Tim Wotton
19 November 2019

" The Gift podcast host has the most fascinating and helpful chat with delightful Ayurvedic practitioner Colette Park. Colette explains how she discovered Ayurveda back in her home country of South Africa & how it's helped her and so many of her clients lead healthier & more mindful lives." - Tim Wotton

About Tim and his podcast

Tim Wotton, winner of Best Achievement Award from The People's Book Prize for his book "How Have I Cheated Death", is a long-term sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis & diabetes who uses the power of the mind to help him deal with adversity, stress & negativity - and he shares his amazing experiences and insights through his podcast, "The Gift". Anyone with life & health challenges will hugely benefit from what Tim & his remarkable guests have to share.

Colette Park

BSc (Hons) Ayurveda,
MSc Clinical Nutrition

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